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Camping List

Undergarments Sleeping Equipment General Equipment
UndershirtsSleeping BagNotebook and Pencil
UnderpantsWaterproof stuff bagPack & Frame
L.J. TopsSleeping PadWaterproof Cover
L.J. BottomsGround Cloth1 gal. ziploc bags
Light SocksNight Clothes (pj's)(for clothing)
Heavy SocksBlanketsRope
Suntan Lotion
Outer ClothingFirst Aid KitFlashlight
S.S. SweaterGauze PadsBatteries
L.S. SweaterBand AidsWatch
Unlined Wind BreakerAdhesive TapeCanteen
Heavy JacketFoot PowderScout Handbook
HatMole skin padSunglasses
Rain GearPersonal Medication*note: Some of these
Wind Suit items will only
BeltSurvival Kitbe needed on
Bathing SuitWhistlewinter camporees
Short-Sleeve Shirts2 Quartersor summer camporees
Long-Sleeve ShirtsCompass/map
Wool ShirtPocket Knife
Short PantsInsect Repellent
Long Pants
Summer UniformEating Equipment
Winter UniformMess Kit
Scout Jack ShirtPlastic Cup
Toilet ArticlesGarbage Bags
Washcloth in baggie
SoapHiking Boots
Toothbrush & PasteSneakers
Toilet Paper in bagCamp Shoes