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          Welcome to the Help section. Here you can find helpful information on the use of the Troop 566 Website. To begin, just scroll down to the various sections. Use the buttons in the red area to return to the Troop Homepage or any other Troop page. Hope you find what you're looking for.

The following is a brief description of each button found on the Troop 566 Website:

HomeThe Home button pictured to the left will bring you to the homepage of the Troop 566 Website. This button is useful when you are in a smaller section of the site and wish to return to the homepage.

Troop InformationThe Troop Info button will take you to information about our troop such as, the Troop Policy, Patrol Lists, and more.

Ranks InformationThe Ranks Info button will allow you to access information about the requirements for different ranks and merit badges in Boy Scouting.

Troop ProgramsThe Troop Programs Button will give you information about the itinerary and agenda for the most recent topics and programs that our troop is having.

Camping ListClick on the Camping List button to find out what to bring on Troop 566 camping trips.

Camp Yawgoog InformationClick on the Camp Yawgoog button to get information on Camp Yawgoog, the summer camp which we attend annually.

LinksClick here to see a list of websites we recommend for Boy Scouts or webpage building.

HELP!This is the button that you clicked to get to this help section.

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