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Welcome To Troop 566!

Below you will find all information regarding our
troop.  This page includes Patrol Lists, our Troop
Policy, and anything else you might need.  If you
would like to request something that isn't here, like
your personal demerits, or the list of phone numbers,
please leave a message in the guest book, or E-MAIL ME, 
and i will get back to you.

Order of the Arrow
Eagle Scouts



Senior Patrol          Adult Leaders

Troop 566 Policy

 Troop 566 Policy

	This is a policy of conduct on all Troop-related functions
including meetings, campouts and fundraisers.  Any scout who disobeys
these rules will be subject to punishment including demerits, 
kitchen duty, etc.

General Regulations

1. All scouts must follow their leader's instructions without
    complaint.  If the scout has a problem with the task,
    he must bring up the disagreement after he completes his job, 
    unless the task can harm the scout in any way.
2. All scouts, no matter which patrol they may be in, 
    are subject to follow a scout or adult leader's orders.  
    This includes the SPL, ASPL, Troop Guide, Patrol Leader, 
    and Assistant Patrol Leader.
3. During Openings (Troop or Camporee), Closings 
    (Troop or Camporee), Stations, or times when a leader is 
    talking; all scouts must remain quiet and must hold all 
    questions until the proper time.

Campout Regulations

1. Prior to a campout, patrols must plan their menu, 
    transportation, and their tent arrangements.  They 
    also must coordinate with the other patrols to determine 
    when each patrol will cook, and who will use each burner.
2. Scouts must attend two out of the three Camporees.
3. In order for a scout to attend a campout, they must have:
  a) a permission slip
  b) money
  c) up-to-date dues
  d) an acceptable demerit count
4. All scouts must get up either when the SPL or adult 
    leader says, or two hours prior to the Opening / Closing.
5. No scout may eat breakfast until he has:
  a) Dressed in full uniform
  b) His gear prepared for inspections
  c) Cleaned out his tent / lean-to
6. All scouts must accompany their patrol around to 
    the different stations at all times, except:
  a) when injured
  b) when wet
  c) when he has forgot an important item at campsite 
     (e.g. poncho)
7. Scouts may break for lunch at the given time 
    (normally 12:00), but not before.  In addition, scouts 
    must be completely cleaned up by the time to resume 
    stations (normally 1:00).  If this is not done, all 
    scouts in patrol will remain until campsite is clean.
8. All patrols and all scouts must complete all 
    stations possible within the given time.  At no time 
    may the patrols stop for any recreational reason, 
    such as trading post.
9. If a scout wants to leave the campsite during free-
    time to take a hike, visit trading post, or any other 
    reason, they must:
  a) Inform their Patrol Leader (or any other scout with
     an equal or higher rank that is not going with them)
  b) Fill out Sign-Out Sheet in kitchen tarp
  c) Return before any scheduled activities (e.g. 
     Religious Services, Campfire)
10. When cooking a meal, patrols must plan accordingly
    so that their meal will be finished (cooked, ate, 
    and cleaned up), before any scheduled activity 
    (e.g. Religious Services, Campfire).


1. All scouts must:
  a) Call their Patrol Leader if they are not attending
     a meeting
  b) Arrive at meetings prior to 7:45
  c) Attend meetings in full uniform, and must remain in
     uniform until the meeting's end
  d) Attend at least 3 meetings a month
2. During the opening, scouts must remain in line, quiet, 
    and arms length apart.
  a) When the opening is held in the right room or by the 
     back door in the left room, scouts will line up 
     in patrols behind each other, with the Patrol Leader
     in the front and the Assistant Patrol Leader in the back.
  b) When the opening is held in the left room on the 
     wood floor, scouts will line up next to each other 
     with the Patrol Leader closest to the main door, and 
     the Assistant Patrol Leader on the other side.
3. When inspections are made:
  a) Scouts will come up when called by the SPL and he 
     will inspect your uniform
  b) The Patrol Leader will collect their patrol's dues
  c) All scouts will remain quiet
4. All scouts must participate in the activities that 
    the troop is doing during the meeting unless the SPL 
    gives them permission to work on another project alone.
5. The closing of the meeting will not commence until:
  a) The chairs are put away
  b) The locker is closed
  c) The floor is vacuumed (if necessary)

The Order of the Arrow

The Order of the Arrow is a very highly honored organization in the Boy Scouts, and is therefore only reserved for the best. Our troop is proud to have the following scouts and leaders representing us in the lodge:

Greg Brown
Randy Bello

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